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Twitch hacked: Streamers’ earnings exposed 2021-10-06 18:08:29An unknown attacker hacked Twitch and exposed a lot of internal data. For the first time, we can now see how much Twitch is transferring to its t

German court declares Corona curfew unconstitutional 2021-10-06 18:08:29When the first Corona wave hit Germany in spring 2020, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and his state government set particularl

Telegram app gained 70 million users during Facebook’s 2021-10-06 18:08:29The creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, said that “over 70 million refugees from other platforms” joined the short messaging service yesterd

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp offline 2021-10-06 18:08:29The apps and websites of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have been offline for hours. And the problems have still not been fixed. All three platform

Swedish Mohammed cartoonist died: Accident or assassination? 2021-10-06 18:08:29The Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks (75) died in a traffic accident. The artist had been under police protection for years because he drew the Isla

Evergrande stocks halted in Hong Kong 2021-10-06 18:08:29The Chinese real estate company Evergrande is shaking. The mountain of debt is gigantic and due dates can no longer be fully serviced. Obser

Files of the Nuremberg Trials published online 2021-10-06 18:08:29On the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trial of the major war criminals of World War II, Stanford University digitized the historical files of this

Several dead in an explosion in front of 2021-10-06 18:08:29A bomb attack in the Afghan capital Kabul near the memorial service for the mother of a high-ranking Taliban official resulted in deaths and injuries.

Pope mandates vaccination: 3 members of the Swiss 2021-10-06 18:08:29The Swiss Guard is known for its colorful Renaissance-style gala uniforms. It is the oldest military corps in the world. The members have to get

Researchers found Mount Sinai where Moses received the 2021-10-06 18:08:29Archaeologists have reportedly found “Mount Sinai,” from which God gave Moses the Ten Commandments: the Jabal Maqla mountain within the Ja

Trump sues Twitter to reinstate his account 2021-10-02 13:41:08Former US President Donald Trump continues his legal battle against the suspension of his Twitter account.  Trump applied to a court in Florida o

Merck says it has developed a pill to 2021-10-01 12:29:22The drug manufacturer Merck wants to apply for emergency approval for an antiviral pill against Covid, the company announced. A clinical study showed

Alien UFO Sightings

Wild New Paper Claims Earth May Be Surrounded 2021-10-15 17:25:24Mysterious structures in the sky that have puzzled astronomers for decades might finally have an explanation – and it’s quite something. T

NASA To Nudge Asteroid To Keep It From 2021-10-10 14:30:03The U.S. space agency plans to conduct a mission next month to deflect a pair of asteroids far out in deep space to keep them from threatening Earth.

William Shatner, 90, Set to Be Oldest Man 2021-10-03 17:59:15Shatner’s flight will turn him into a real-life Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk is truly headed to space… at 90. William Shatner is set to boa

The 1990s card game that ‘predicted’ 9/11, Donald 2021-10-03 17:15:43Illuminati: New World Order continues to attract conspiracy theorists 27 years after its launch for its apparently uncanny ability to foretell the fut

Who would be sent as a representative of 2021-10-01 15:59:46What would happen if aliens invaded planet earth and wanted to speak to a spokesperson of the human race that isn’t a government offic

Astronomers discover mysterious 500-light-year-wide ‘cavity’ in our Milky 2021-10-01 15:03:47A supernova likely carved it out millions of years ago. Astronomers have discovered an enormous cavity in the Milky Way galaxy that is belie

NASA Confirms Thousands of Massive, Violent Volcanic “Super 2021-10-01 14:34:58Scientists found evidence that a region of northern Mars called Arabia Terra experienced thousands of “super eruptions,” the big

Peter Stormare: ‘I believe in aliens and UFOs 2021-09-23 16:43:27The prolific Swedish character actor, best known for feeding Steve Buscemi to a woodchipper in ‘Fargo’, talks to Adam White abou

Former Pentagon UFO Official Luis Elizondo to Reveal 2021-09-23 16:04:02The former head of the U.S. government’s secretive UFO program will pen a book for HarperCollins that includes “profound implications for

Zero Hedge

Just How Big Is China's Property Sector, And New! 2021-10-16 18:00:00Just How Big Is China's Property Sector, And Two Key Questions On Policy And Tail Risks While the broader US stock market was giddily me

North American Crane Count Decrease Signals Growing Uncertainty New! 2021-10-16 17:30:00North American Crane Count Decrease Signals Growing Uncertainty By Zachary Phillips of ConstructionDive Summary: Rider Levett Bucknal

Trump Favored To Win 2024 Among Top UK New! 2021-10-16 17:00:00Trump Favored To Win 2024 Among Top UK Betting Houses Former President Donald Trump is favored to win the 2024 US election, according to

Investors Rush To Buy Nearly 1 In 4 New! 2021-10-16 16:30:00Investors Rush To Buy Nearly 1 In 4 Homes Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk.com, Investors are buying huge percentages of existing

Texas Guardsmen Shot At By Heavily Armed Cartel Gunmen At New! 2021-10-16 16:00:00Texas Guardsmen Shot At By Heavily Armed Cartel Gunmen At Border  Heavily armed drug cartels are becoming more aggressive

NYC Judge Prevents Father From Visiting His Daughter New! 2021-10-16 15:30:00NYC Judge Prevents Father From Visiting His Daughter Unless He Gets Vaccinated Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, A judge i

Working-Poor Still Use Food Banks As Millions Had Their New! 2021-10-16 15:00:00Working-Poor Still Use Food Banks As Millions Had Their Savings Wiped Out During COVID   Eighteen months since the virus p

Win For Virginia Parents After Loudon County School New! 2021-10-16 14:30:00Win For Virginia Parents After Loudon County School Board Member Announces Resignation Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times (emp

International Space Station Briefly Destabilized After Accidental Russian Rocket New! 2021-10-16 14:00:00International Space Station Briefly Destabilized After Accidental Russian Rocket Firing  A Russian spacecraft docked at the Int

We're Living In A Chaos Economy... Here's How New! 2021-10-16 13:30:00We're Living In A Chaos Economy... Here's How To End It Authored by Mark Thornton via The Mises Institute, The Federal Reserve has bee

UN Climate Change Conference Reportedly Using Diesel Generators New! 2021-10-16 13:00:00UN Climate Change Conference Reportedly Using Diesel Generators To Charge Teslas Being Used As Shuttles We're not sure we can think of a

Psaki Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Hatch Act New! 2021-10-16 12:30:00Psaki Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Hatch Act Violation Authored by Jonathan Turley, During the Trump Administration, we discussed a se

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The Second La Niña in Two Years is 2021-10-14 20:30:00How might it influence our winter weather? One thing's for sure: It's bad news for the drought-stricken West.

There's So Much More To Explain About How 2021-10-14 17:00:00The medicine Nobel Prize recognized researchers studying how our bodies sense temperature and touch. Pain is much more complicated.

Did Aliens Build the Pyramids? And Other Racist 2021-10-14 14:03:00Pseudoarchaeology, conspiracy theories that ancient civilizations were founded by aliens or the denizens of Atlantis, are more than just silly—t

Are Dogs Aware of Their Own Thinking? 2021-10-14 12:28:00Volunteers with Canine Metacognition put their pups to the test — join them!

These Five Doctors Experimented on Themselves — And 2021-10-14 10:00:00Self-experimentation isn't unheard of in the annals of medical history. Meet five physicians whose bold — and sometimes fatal — gambles c

How Ketamine Helps Alleviate Depression 2021-10-14 09:00:00The alternative therapy treatment for mood disorders like depression and anxiety uses one of the only legal psychedelics in the U.S. Researchers still

CBD Gummies Benefits: Full Guide And Best Products 2021-10-14 01:00:00

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Review: Is It Worth 2021-10-14 01:00:00Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is a leading weight loss drink recipe powder that focuses on improve the body's digestion and fat burning energy properties,

Five Interesting Facts About Thyroid Disease and Treatment 2021-10-13 16:30:00While doctors typically recommend a limited range of medications with questionable efficacy, some specialists are embracing less conventional options

How Halloween Sprang From an Ancient Pagan Festival 2021-10-13 09:00:00The beloved fright night is the product of more than 2,000 years of religious and cultural interplay.

Hemp vs CBD Oil: Explanation and 4 Best 2021-10-13 01:00:00

How Leopard Kills Rewrite Our Prehistory 2021-10-13 01:00:00For millions of years, these spotted cats have collected and scarred bones. Now we’re learning to read those remnants and see how they reframe e

Daily Stormer

Some Guy Talking About Supply Line Collapse New! 2021-10-16 09:13:34Basically: all of that stuff I predicted back in April of last year is beginning. 

We Hit $62,685 on Friday New! 2021-10-16 08:06:09No-coiners do still exist, and like vaccine believers, they will continue to invent new and ever more absurd and bizarre fantasies to defend their no-

Undercover Video: Pfizer Scientist Says That Sometimes the New! 2021-10-16 07:49:00Conservatives still have the delusional belief that you're somehow going to be able to convince liberal true believers of anything, ever. 

Joe Biden Says That Chinese Treatment of the New! 2021-10-16 07:08:52Even as this whole jig is just about up, the West remains obsessed with attempting regime change in China. 

UK: Police Admit MP was Murdered by Islamic New! 2021-10-16 06:38:37The shocking part is that no one could have predicted it.

World’s Smartest Man Calls for White Identity Politics New! 2021-10-16 05:41:38It's about time we start considering it!

Miami Goes Full Bitcoin as America Prepares to New! 2021-10-16 04:00:59This looks like bait. Bitcoin now, a cryptocurrency controlled by the bankers later.

NYT: Fat Australian Pink-Hair Claims It’s a Right-Wing New! 2021-10-16 03:30:51Textbook example of gaslighting.

Media is Really Getting Upset About Remaining “Social New! 2021-10-16 03:20:00They are literally saying that they are the arbiters of reality and that you can't disagree with them. 

Costa Rica: Deadly Vax Required to Enter Most New! 2021-10-16 00:40:44Things are changing quickly.

Watch: Biden Says He Likes Kids Better Than New! 2021-10-16 00:30:50Some people may have forgotten that Biden really, really likes kids.

Germany Allows Supermarkets to Ban Purebloods New! 2021-10-16 00:20:13We kind of all just sat here and watched a slow-motion train wreck happening right in front of our faces. 

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