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Lawsuit challenges Idaho's new ballot initiative process 2021-05-07 17:04:37BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Two groups on Friday filed a lawsuit with the Idaho Supreme Court challenging the state's new law making it more difficult to get

Balding men appear at higher risk for severe 2021-05-07 16:26:58Men who are balding appear much more likely to suffer from severe cases of COVID-19 than those with a full head of hair, researchers found.  Rese

Colombia expels Cuban; Havana says move 'groundless' 2021-05-07 16:16:25HAVANA (AP) - Colombia's government has expelled the No. 2 Cuban diplomat in the country for “activities incompatible” with his position,

Sinopharm, China's COVID-19 vaccine, wins WHO approval for 2021-05-07 14:34:29The World Health Organization on Friday approved China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use globally. The vaccine was found to be 79%

U.S., U.K. warn of Russian hackers using new 2021-05-07 14:23:28Russian hackers have adopted new cyber tactics, techniques and procedures for attacking targets in the U.S. and elsewhere after their earlier methods

Ukraine says 2 soldiers killed in east amid 2021-05-07 13:19:07KYIV, Ukraine (AP) - The Ukrainian military said Friday two soldiers were killed and another was wounded under fire from Russia-backed separatist rebe

Joe Biden still planning June meeting with Vladimir 2021-05-07 12:40:20President Biden said Friday he still plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the recent buildup of his troops on the Ukrainian bor

EU calls on US to push exports to 2021-05-07 12:34:25PORTO, Portugal (AP) - The European Union called on the United States Friday to start boosting its vaccine exports to contain the global COVID-19 cris

EU chided for not ensuring improved social rights 2021-05-07 12:15:16PORTO, Portugal (AP) - Hardship felt during the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred European Union leaders to add muscle to the bloc's safeguards for its 4

France, Britain in naval standoff over fishing rights 2021-05-07 11:22:52The last time Great Britain and France squared off in combat was during the Napoleonic Wars. But a recent fishing dispute prompted government official

Brazil's Amazon deforestation surged in April after pledges 2021-05-07 11:15:07RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) - Preliminary data released Friday signaled deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon in April was the highest for that month in at l

Kamala Harris confers with Mexico's president on surge 2021-05-07 10:50:00Vice President Kamala Harris told Mexico's president in a virtual meeting on Friday that the two nations need to "build a sense of home" in Central

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India PM facing pressure to impose harsh nationwide 2021-05-07 07:35:16With coronavirus cases surging to record levels, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing growing pressure to impose a nationwide lockdown to slo

Man charged with attempted murder after 2 Asian 2021-05-06 22:27:36A man who allegedly stabbed two elderly women without warning at a San Francisco bus stop Tuesday was charged with attempted murder in an attack that

Brazilian police raid in Rio slum leaves 25 2021-05-06 19:07:46Police targeting drug traffickers raided a slum in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday and at least one officer and two dozen others died after being shot, aut

What's at stake in Scotland's election 2021-05-06 18:51:00The issue of separation was back on the table as Scots voted in an election Thursday. The CBC's Margaret Evans explains how independence has come bac

Maldives Speaker Mohamed Nasheed hurt in blast near 2021-05-06 15:19:28Maldives' first democratically elected president and current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has been injured in a blast Thursday near his home an

20 years after end of Taliban rule, Afghan 2021-05-06 14:44:55After nearly 20 years since the ouster of the Taliban and billions of dollars spent on infrastructure and aid, many Afghan women still have desperatel

Support grows for easing COVID-19 vaccine patent rules, 2021-05-06 13:33:35France has now joined the United States in calling for the easing of patent protections for COVID-19 vaccines. Other countries, including Canada, Chin

Top Democrat tells Biden administration: Get to work 2021-05-06 12:19:10There's new political muscle in the United States pushing for a return to more regular travel between Canada and the United States after more th

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the 2021-05-06 07:25:11Manitoba saw its highest daily count of new COVID-19 cases in months on Thursday, as Alberta reported a four-digit total of new cases that may not yet

Pfizer and BioNTech will donate vaccines for Olympic 2021-05-06 07:24:47Vaccine developers Pfizer and BioNTech will donate doses to inoculate athletes and officials preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, the IOC said Thursday.

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong gets another 10 2021-05-06 04:53:57Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong will face an additional 10 months in jail for participating in an unauthorized assembly on Jun

From repurposing empty offices to a month-long street 2021-05-06 04:00:00Twenty candidates are running for mayor of London in this Thursday's election, each offering their own particular spin on how they'll revive the U.K


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Juukan Gorge: Rio Tinto investors in pay revolt 2021-05-06 22:35:48Shareholders voted against outgoing boss's $10m bonus after sacred Aboriginal shelters were destroyed.

Tui to subsidise Covid tests for package holiday 2021-05-06 19:52:17The travel firm is offering discounted tests with its holidays but there are concerns over testing capacity.

Holiday costs to jump in summer, warns travel 2021-05-06 19:45:52Travel will be more expensive as airlines cannot afford to bring many planes back into service.

Taking an invention from idea to the marketplace 2021-05-06 19:20:54Lockdown spurred many people to invent new products, but how did they get to market?

Plastic bag charge to double to 10p in 2021-05-06 19:15:53The price rise for single-use bags will be extended to all businesses in England from 21 May.

Road and rail building plans under review after 2021-05-06 15:58:47Post-pandemic shifts in travel habits could undermine the logic behind many infrastructure projects.

Covid: The vaccine patent row explained 2021-05-06 14:24:09The US says it supports a temporary lift on vaccine patents, but some countries have pushed back.

Liberty steel owner in talks over £200m lifeline 2021-05-06 11:42:15Sanjeev Gupta's beleaguered UK steel business may yet find the help it needs, the BBC understands.

UK economy set to grow at fastest rate 2021-05-06 11:12:13Economy expected to grow by 7.25% in 2021 as lockdown restrictions are eased, says Bank of England.

Covid: US backs waiver on vaccine patents to 2021-05-06 10:26:18Supporters say the move would increase vaccine production but the pharmaceutical industry disagrees.

IBM 2nm chip breakthrough claims more power with 2021-05-06 08:27:13Next-gen processor tech gives more performance with less energy use, IBM claims.

Next expects post-lockdown sales surge to be short-lived 2021-05-06 04:54:10The fashion chain raises its profit forecast but says the recent rebound in sales may not last.


The wood-products industry is undergoing root-and-branch change 2021-04-30 20:00:00Ever more money grows on trees

Developers struggle to meet demand for e-commerce storage 2021-04-30 20:00:00Online shopping requires more warehouses. There is ever less room for them

Bernd Osterloh, labour nemesis of Volkswagen’s boss, abdicates 2021-04-30 20:00:00Will the departure of the veteran works-council bruiser usher in a new era for the German carmaker?

Abolishing executive offices 2021-04-30 20:00:00The costs of office-less executives outweigh the benefits

India’s steelmakers are the covid-ravaged economy’s rare bright 2021-04-30 20:00:00The likes of JSW and Tata Steel have been quicker to restart production than foreign rivals

A ransomware attack on Apple shows the future 2021-04-28 20:00:00The online-extortion business is becoming slicker and more sophisticated

A new type of ad is heading for 2021-04-28 20:00:00Stricter privacy rules send digital advertisers back to the drawing board

The magical realism of Tesla 2021-04-28 20:00:00Versus the blunt reality of geopolitics

How TSMC has mastered the geopolitics of chipmaking 2021-04-28 20:00:00Make yourself indispensable to both America and China

The post-pandemic office etiquette 2021-04-23 20:00:00How manners will change when working life returns

Can Merck’s new boss maintain the drugmaker’s winning 2021-04-23 20:00:00Belén Garijo takes over as chief executive in May

Amazon and Walmart confront Indian politics 2021-04-23 20:00:00The country is becoming as surly to foreign investors as China


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Analytics as a service: Why more enterprises should 2021-04-30 19:00:37In today's world, where customers value experiences over transactions, Analytics as a Service helps businesses dig deeper into their psyche and tap i

Cloud infrastructure market keeps rolling in Q1 with 2021-04-30 10:31:42Conventional wisdom over the last year has suggested that the pandemic has driven companies to the cloud much faster than they ever would have gone wi

The health data transparency movement is birthing a 2021-04-30 09:15:34The recent movement toward data transparency is birthing a new generation of innovation and startups that could ultimately make healthcare better and

Developer-focused video platform Mux achieves unicorn status with 2021-04-30 09:00:39Barely more than eight months after announcing a $37 million funding round, Mux has another $105 million. The Series D was led by Coatue and values th

Healthcare is the next wave of data liberation 2021-04-29 14:43:15Soon, with the emergence of new market leaders, we’ll be able to access our health records as easily as our bank statements.

IBM is acquiring cloud app and network management 2021-04-29 11:41:44IBM today made another acquisition to deepen its reach into providing enterprises with AI-based services to manage their networks and workloads. It an

Wasabi scores $112M Series C on $700M valuation 2021-04-29 09:16:22Taking on Amazon S3 in the cloud storage game would seem to be a fool-hearty proposition, but Wasabi has found a way to build storage cheaply and pass

Vectra AI picks up $130M at a $1.2B 2021-04-29 09:06:18Cybersecurity nightmares like the SolarWinds hack highlight how malicious hackers continue to exploit vulnerabilities in software and apps to do their

RapidDeploy raises $29M for a cloud-based dispatch platform 2021-04-29 08:08:36The last year of pandemic living has been real-world, and sometimes harrowing, proof of how important it can be to have efficient and well-equipped em

DigitalOcean says customer billing data accessed in data 2021-04-28 14:22:27DigitalOcean has emailed customers warning of a data breach involving customers’ billing data, TechCrunch has learned. The cloud infrastructure

Atlassian’s in-house incubator lets employees put their product 2021-04-28 13:17:37Every company wants to maintain that initial spark it had when it was an early-stage startup, but keeping that going as you scale into a public compan

Atlassian launches a Jira for every team 2021-04-28 12:00:36Atlassian today announced a new edition of its Jira project management tool, Jira Work Management. The company has long been on a journey of bringing


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AMC Theatres' stock is a Reddit fave. Why New! 2021-05-07 17:11:58AMC's Adam Aron loves quoting Winston Churchill in earnings calls. Now he's embracing the company's memestock identity.

Amid buzz and backlash, Elon Musk promises to New! 2021-05-07 17:09:40Here's what to expect when Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla CEO and noted 'wild card,' hosts 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend with musical guest Mil

'Little Mermaid,' 'Big Lebowski' and more: Classic movies 2021-05-07 15:58:28Find a flick with our weekly guide to classic movies, cult favorites, film festivals, etc., playing now or coming soon to a theater, drive-in, pop-up

Time's Up calls Golden Globes group's reforms 'window 2021-05-07 15:19:14A day after the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. voted for sweeping reforms, Time's Up and a coalition of publicists ratchet up pressure on the group.

After riling fans with anti-lockdown songs, Van Morrison 2021-05-07 14:54:14The reviews are in — and they're mostly savage. Critics say Van Morrison's new album plays up conspiracy theories and "troubling alt-right-y

Column: You know what's not rational? Telling people 2021-05-07 14:31:03How is it that mere weeks after most Americans even became eligible for vaccination, their behavior and motives are suddenly being so scrutinized?

Hilary Duff and Disney, both 'very protective' of 2021-05-07 14:16:20Hilary Duff, now the star of "How I Met Your Father," explains why the "Lizzie McGuire" reboot went kaput. Blame "creative discussions" with Dis

Chrissy Teigen sees both sides of Ben Affleck, 2021-05-07 13:51:49Chrissy Teigen weighs in on those 'creepy' videos of Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry allegedly pursuing young women on a dating app. The backlash cut

Movies on TV this week: 'Rosemary's Baby' on 2021-05-07 13:36:16Movies on TV this week: May 9: 'Rosemary's Baby' on Showtime; 'Forrest Gump'; on Comedy Central; 'The Philadelphia Story' on TCM and more

Commentary: Michael Che says he knows funny. 'SNL' 2021-05-07 13:22:45"That Damn Michael Che" falls into several of the same comic traps as "SNL" has under the leadership of Che and "Weekend Update" co-anchor Colin

Review: Lili Taylor struggles with mental illness in 2021-05-07 10:21:31The coming-of-age drama 'Paper Spiders' stars Lili Taylor and Stefania LaVie Owen as a mother and daughter dealing with delusional disorder.

What's on TV Friday: 'Great Performances: Uncle Vanya' 2021-05-07 09:00:16What to watch Friday, May 7: "Great Performances: Uncle Vanya" on PBS; "Charmed" on the CW; the Dodgers visit the Angels in a Freeway Series and m

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Henry Golding Picks Up A Little Gift For New! 2021-05-07 23:58:39Henry Golding is all smiles for the camera after leaving lunch in Los Angeles. The 34-year-old handsome new dad and actor picked up a bite to eat at A

'Pose' Star MJ Rodriguez Joins Maya Rudolph in New! 2021-05-07 23:31:40MJ Rodriguez didn’t have to wait long for her next role. The Pose actress is set to star opposite Maya Rudolph in a new series for Apple TV+, Va

Mark Ruffalo Calls Out HFPA Over Lack of New! 2021-05-07 23:13:02The HFPA is continuing to be called out after they revealed their plan for incorporating more diversity into the company. However, the new plan isn&rs

Henry Cavill's Instagram Activity Is the Subject of New! 2021-05-07 22:43:25There are some rumors swirling around on social media about Henry Cavill and it all has to do with his Instagram activity. Some fans are spreading the

There's A Good Reason That Dave Bautista Chose New! 2021-05-07 22:18:37Dave Bautista is opening up about the big reason he chose to star in Zack Snyder‘s Army of the Dead instead of following James Gunn to The Suici

Vanessa Hudgens Tells the Story of How She New! 2021-05-07 22:07:10Vanessa Hudgens is opening up about how she fell in love during the pandemic and the unique way she met her new boyfriend Cole Tucker. The 32-year-old

Every Photo of Josh Duhamel In His Skintight New! 2021-05-07 21:49:03Josh Duhamel stars in the new Netflix superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy and that means we get to see him in a skintight costume! The 48-year-old

Maya Erskine & Michael Angarano Have Welcomed Their New! 2021-05-07 21:39:21Congrats are in order for Maya Erskine and Michael Angarano! The engaged couple just announced the arrival of their first baby together, a baby boy. C

Jennifer Lawrence Spotted on Solo Outing in New New! 2021-05-07 21:28:29Jennifer Lawrence wears a dark-colored outfit while stepping out to run an errand on Friday afternoon (May 7) in New York City. The 30-year-old Oscar-

PEN15's Anna Konkle Welcomes Baby Girl With Alex New! 2021-05-07 21:28:21Anna Konkle revealed that she’s welcomed a baby girl with Alex Anfanger. The PEN15 star shared the big news in a dual feature with co-star Maya

Seth Rogen Shared A Wild Story About George New! 2021-05-07 21:09:36Seth Rogen can’t stop thinking about his chance encounter with George Lucas in 2011, so much so, that it’s even in his new book. In a rece

'Big Sky' Actress Brooke Smith Launches Her Own New! 2021-05-07 20:31:06Brooke Smith, who played Merrilee Legarski on the ABC series Big Sky, has launched her own Emmy campaign and she says the network won’t include



Outdated Windows Users Flout Computing Safety 2021-05-04 07:00:00A recent study by Kaspersky revealed that nearly one quarter of PCs still run Microsoft Windows 7, which stopped receiving mainstream support in Janua

Autonomous Cars + IoT, and Life or Death 2021-05-03 07:00:00An ecosystem is being created where cars and robots are autonomous and connected so they will be able to connect to other devices, sensors, and data r

Will FAA Rules Be a Drag on Drone 2021-04-29 07:00:00Companies scrambling to compete with the advancing delivery capabilities offered by Amazon and UPS are looking to drone delivery options. Will this be

Microsoft, Intel Team Up to Clamp Down on 2021-04-28 07:00:00As cryptocurrency values continue to rise, cryptojacking becomes more attractive to cybercriminals. Now, a powerful hardware-based threat detection t

Cybercops Scrub Botnet Software From Millions of Computers 2021-04-27 07:00:00The notorious Emotet botnet software began uninstalling itself from some one million computers Sunday. The uninstall command was part of an update sen

Open Source Joins Efforts to Create Gene Therapies 2021-04-26 08:00:00Some 400 million patients worldwide are affected by more than 7,000 rare diseases; yet treatments for rare genetic diseases remain an underserved area

AirTags vs. Tile and Apple's Antitrust Future 2021-04-26 07:00:00U.S. senators heading antitrust issues have flagged Apple's new AirTag effort as potentially anticompetitive after Tile CEO CJ Prober started complai

Slick New iMac, Muscular iPad Pro Headline Apple 2021-04-21 07:00:00Apple introduced a new version of its iMac desktop and a powerful upgrade of its iPad Pro tablet at an online event Tuesday. Both are based on Apple'

DuckDuckGo Unwraps Google FLoC Blocker 2021-04-20 07:00:00DuckDuckGo has announced an add-on to the Chrome browser that blocks Google's new scheme to provide marketers with information for targeting advertis

Nvidia and the End of Movies as We 2021-04-19 07:00:00GTC21, this year's Nvidia GPU Technology Conference, was terrific as always. The alleged focus was on AI and autonomous cars. But, as I watched prese

How Fixable Is the Unsafe Internet? 2021-04-15 08:00:00A recent study from Consumer Reports' Digital Lab reveals that 96 percent of Americans agree that more should be done to protect consumer privacy. Bu

DNS Flaws Expose Millions of IoT Devices to 2021-04-14 07:00:00A set of flaws in a widely used network communication protocol that could affect millions of devices has been revealed by Forescout Research Labs and


Tested: How fast Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2021-05-07 06:47:00HP’s Elite Folio is the first laptop we’ve seen to be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Arm chip, the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2. Yes, the Gen

Tested: Is Ryzen 5000 battery performance really that 2021-05-07 06:15:00Is the performance of AMD Ryzen mobile on battery really that bad? If you’re even asking that question, you’ve no doubt heard Intel&r

Samsung QN90A 55-inch 4K UHD TV review: Mini-LED 2021-05-07 06:00:00Samsung's QN90A Neo QLED TV marries mini-LED backlighting and quantum dots to produce the company's most vivid 4K UHD image yet.

Sennheiser IE 300 in-ear headphone review: Stellar performance 2021-05-07 06:00:00This IEH delivers gorgeous sound with no drawbacks whatsoever—except maybe the price.

Tested: How Nvidia Reflex can make you a 2021-05-06 16:14:00“Frames win games,” Nvidia likes to say, but there’s more to esports domination than raw frame rates. How those frames get delivered

Google Assistant’s Broadcast feature can now reach you 2021-05-06 12:00:00Family members can now get broadcasts from Google Assistant even when they’re not near a Google smart speaker. Also: Family Bell gets a much-nee

Google will automatically enroll users in two-factor authentication 2021-05-06 09:00:00Most security experts agree that two-factor authentication (2FA) is a critical part of securing your online accounts. Google agrees, but it’s ta

Best password managers: Reviews of the top products 2021-05-06 06:00:00We are terrible at passwords. We suck at creating them (the top two most popular remain “123456” and “password”), we share

Roku loses YouTube TV: What's a cord-cutter to 2021-05-06 06:00:00Roku loses YouTube TV: Here are the alternatives for cord cutters

How to create strong, secure passwords by learning 2021-05-05 18:39:00Create stronger, more secure passwords: We are nagged to do it all the time, but few of us actually make the effort. Meanwhile, passwords continue to

The Full Nerd ep. 175: Ryzen 5900X and 2021-05-05 11:52:00In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacos, and Adam Patrick Murray dive deep into Ryzen machinations and rumors about “Ti”

How to make an old PC useful for 2021-05-05 10:00:00Q: I need to set up an elderly relative with a computer for times when a smartphone doesn’t cut it—printing information from websites and


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The Rossmӧnster Overland Baja Truck Camper Replaces the 2021-05-06 13:05:58Post-pandemic adventurers, control yourselves. Behold, the Rossmӧnster Overland Baja truck camper, one heck of a cool looking off-grid camper th

What’s the Best 2021 Toyota Camry Trim? Here’s 2021-05-06 10:00:54The Toyota Camry is a bona fide legend when it comes to affordable, reliable, drama-free transportation, and especially in the case of the current mod

2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Fast Facts: Shaking Loose 2021-05-06 09:00:49We’ve just spent a week with a Ford Ranger Tremor, the off-roadiest version of Ford’s midsize Ranger pickup. We came away with these seven

Ford Bronco Gets Built-In Upfitter Switches, Pre-Wiring for 2021-05-06 06:00:56The 2021 Ford Bronco SUV, which isn’t out yet and is not to be confused with the smaller Ford Bronco Sport that is available at dealerships now,

The 2022 Buick Encore Sort of Gets Updated, 2021-05-05 19:35:30Entering its ninth year of production, the Buick Encore occupies a curious station. It is Buick’s best-seller and competes in the subc

GM Highlights Strong Q1 Earnings and Upcoming Chevy 2021-05-05 18:30:43Pandemics and semiconductor chip shortages are both good and bad for business, automakers are finding. Both have caused production cuts, but the silve

Drake’s Gothic-Themed Rolls-Royce Cullinan Is Definitely Unique 2021-05-05 16:30:11Drake has never really been one for the preservation of money. The Canadian rapper and songwriter said as much on the track “Crew Love&rdqu

Watch Two D.C. Cop Cars Crash While Drag 2021-05-05 16:10:22Last month, a curious news story bubbled up out of Washington D.C. by way of the city’s local Fox news station: Two D.C. police cars had crashed

Next-Gen NASCAR: Toyota Reveals Its New Racing Camry 2021-05-05 15:00:40NASCAR’s plans for its seventh generation of race cars first crossed the desk of Toyota’s senior manager for vehicle design at TRD, Todd H

Always Wanted a Life-Size Tamiya R/C Vehicle? You 2021-05-05 14:28:55The Little Car Company’s name might ring a bell. Remember the exquisitely crafted small-scale Aston Martin DB5 Junior and Bugatti Baby II &helli

Ford Ready to Unleash E-Transit EV Van—For Nearly 2021-05-05 10:34:07In our first look at the 2022 Ford E-Transit van last year, we were told it’d come at “less than $45,000.” Consider that promis

Ferrari 812 Competizione First Look: The A Team 2021-05-05 08:40:15The Ferrari 812 Superfast just got a little less super with the arrival of the 812 Competizione and Competizione A (apparently the names Superfaster a

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2021 Ford Shelby GT, 2022 BMW X3, 2023 New! 2021-05-08 08:00:00Ford has offered a number of Shelby-branded Mustangs in recent years, but you can also purchase a tuned 'Stang direct from Shelby American. The compa

First customer McLaren P1 is for sale New! 2021-05-08 06:00:00McLaren's P1 plug-in hybrid hypercar launched the automaker's range-topping Ultimate Series when it started production in 2013, and now the first cu

2021 Genesis GV80, 2022 Cadillac Escalade-V, NASCAR Next 2021-05-07 14:00:00We drove the 2021 Genesis GV80, the 2022 Cadillac Escalade-V was spotted, and the NASCAR Next Gen race car debuted. It's the Week in Reverse, right h

The world's toughest bus has been enhanced for 2021-05-07 13:00:00If you want to transport a lot of people over rough terrain, the Torsus Praetorian is the vehicle for the job. Built in Slovakia, the Praetorian is an

2022 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 spy shots and video: 2021-05-07 11:45:00The C8 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has been out for over a year and the general consensus is that the Bowtie brand has a huge hit on its hands. But th

Ferrari 812 Competizione A, Toyota twin-turbo V-8, baby 2021-05-07 11:00:00Ferrari's new 812 Competizione is a marvel in both styling and aerodynamics. There's both a coupe and an open-top version, the latter featuring a ta

2021 Formula One Spanish Grand Prix preview: Revised 2021-05-07 10:00:00Round four of the 2021 Formula One World Championship takes us this weekend to the popular Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the current home of the Spa

Veteran Jaguar designer joins EV brand from Indian 2021-05-07 08:45:00This week we learned that electric-vehicle startup Arrival is developing a purpose-built vehicle for Uber drivers. However, Uber isn't the only ride-

Aston Martin Valkyrie chief engineer to join Canada's 2021-05-07 08:00:00Aston Martin's chief engineer of special projects like the Valkyrie and Valhalla hypercars, Fraser Dunn, is set to join Canada's Project Arrow team

Patent drawings suggest Toyota twin-turbo V-8 is still 2021-05-07 07:00:00Toyota has been discovered to have filed patent drawings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new twin-turbocharged V-8. First spo

Open-top Ferrari 812 Competizione A is actually a 2021-05-07 06:00:00While Ferrari's 812 GTS features a retractable hard-top roof that at a push of a button can go up or down in a mere 14 seconds, the roof on the relat

2022 Renault Megane E-Tech Electric spy shots: Nissan 2021-05-06 14:00:00The funky Renault Megane eVision concept car from last fall is currently out testing in production guise, and Renault on Thursday confirmed the vehicl


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90 Day Fiancé: What To Remember About Elizabeth New! 2021-05-08 09:16:37Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet are back to cause drama on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Catch up with the couple's storyline from season

Supergirl: How Kelly's Guardian Suit Compares To Jimmy New! 2021-05-08 09:14:22Supergirl season 6 will see Kelly Olsen pick her brother Jimmy's shield as she will become the Arrowverse's new Guardian, with her own super-suit.

What Happened to Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham After New! 2021-05-08 09:12:54Farrah Abraham has been controversial since she starred in 16 and Pregnant. After a decade in reality TV, Farrah still can't escape public criticism.

90 Day Fiancé: Biggest News Stories From Franchise New! 2021-05-08 09:10:37Plenty 90 Day Fiancé cast members made headlines on the Internet shocking TLC fans. Big Ed's girlfriend Liz announcing their break-up created

Kaley Cuoco Says She's Definitely Down For A New! 2021-05-08 09:06:52The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco says she'd be excited to return for a reunion special sometime down the line, should the opportunity arise.

Steve Rogers Returns All 6 Infinity Stones In New! 2021-05-08 09:05:21A series of fan-created illustrations chronicles Steve Rogers' final mission to return all six Infinity Stones after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Pokémon Snap: How to Complete ‘Flopping by the New! 2021-05-08 09:01:22The 'Flopping by the Water' request in Pokemon Snap can be challenging if you don't know where to look. This guide will show how to complete it.

Why Android 12 (Not iOS 15) Will Be New! 2021-05-08 09:00:55Apple and Google both have major software updates releasing in 2021. iOS 15 should be amazing, but Android 12 will be even better. Here's why.

Magneto Hired Wolverine to Assassinate a Nazi | New! 2021-05-08 08:57:42A quiet and somber issue of Uncanny X-Force sees Wolverine help Magneto take out a hiding Nazi officer in a deep exploration of Magneto's trauma.

90 Day Fiancé: Reasons Chantel Everett May Not New! 2021-05-08 08:52:07Chantel has dominated the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. However, many viewers think that The Family Chantel star doesn't deserve her platform.

Is FF7 Remake Intergrade Really Dirge Of Cerberus New! 2021-05-08 08:50:29Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade's DLC is adding characters from Dirge of Cerberus, but is it classed as a sequel to that game's story?

No Time To Die Can Include Blofeld's Deleted New! 2021-05-08 08:45:30No Time To Die should include Spectre's deleted origin story for Blofeld which included some light cannibalism on the supervillain's part.

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‘Things Heard & Seen’: Haunted by Ghosts, and 2021-04-29 15:30:18Amanda Seyfried must contend with a haunted house — and some recognizably human monsters — in a gothic tale filled with things you've hea

New Documentary ‘Revolution Rent’ Will Chronicle Staging of 2021-04-29 12:52:21Andy Señor Jr., who played Angel, helmed the production in Cuba and co-directed the doc

‘Sisters With Transistors’: A Brief History of Electronic 2021-04-29 12:11:5980-minute documentary is a much-needed spotlight on women like Pauline Oliveros and Suzanne Ciani, despite significant gaps in the story it tells

Watch Christoph Waltz Spin Web of Lies in 2021-04-29 02:39:10The film is the actor's directorial debut

‘Tiny Tim: King for a Day’ Gives the 2021-04-28 13:15:39A look back at the falsetto-voiced singer who turned 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips' into an Age of Aquarius hit

Bob Ross Documentary, ‘Army of the Dead,’ ‘She’s 2021-04-27 10:41:50Release schedule also includes third Kissing Booth movie, Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Movie Stars: They’re Just Like Us? 2021-04-26 16:37:47It was an Academy Awards full of speeches decrying social ills. Yet the night couldn’t have happened without them

12 Best, Worst, and Most WTF Moments of 2021-04-26 10:48:56A sluggish ceremony delivers historic wins, precious few moments of levity — Daniel Kaluuya shouts out his horny parents! Glenn Close does &lsqu

Anthony Hopkins Honors Chadwick Boseman in Belated Best 2021-04-26 09:52:5483-year-old actor posted a video from his home in Wales after winning the Oscar for his performance in The Father

Oscars 2021: Wolf Howls, Da Butt and the 2021-04-26 09:00:29Rob Sheffield on the Oscars ceremony that let the speeches go long, the 'Fatal Attraction' star get her freak on — and forgot to actually, y'

‘Summer of Soul’: See First Trailer for Questlove’s 2021-04-25 23:31:51Roots drummer's award-winning directorial debut on 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival arrives July 2nd

Oscars 2021: ‘Nomadland’ Takes Home Three Top Prizes 2021-04-25 23:30:04Chloé Zhao makes history as first woman of color to win Best Director, while Frances McDormand takes home third Best Actress Oscar

Social Media

TechCrunch » Social

WhatsApp is doing fine despite months-long backlash over 2021-05-06 18:20:29It’s safe to say WhatsApp didn’t have the ideal start to 2021. Less than a week into the new year, the Facebook-owned instant messaging ap

Twitter Tip Jar lets you pay people for 2021-05-06 16:38:08Twitter today confirmed earlier reports that it’s testing a new Tip Jar feature. The new addition utilizes a number of different payment platfor

BigBrain aims to bring live mobile trivia back 2021-05-06 12:00:42If you ask Nik Bonaddio why he wanted to build a new mobile trivia app, his answer is simple. “In my life, I’ve got very few true passions

Snap to launch a new Creator Marketplace this 2021-05-06 10:57:08Snap on Wednesday announced its plan to soon launch a Creator Marketplace, which will make it easier for businesses to find and partner with Snapchat

Twitter rolls out bigger images and cropping control 2021-05-06 00:35:52Twitter just made a change to the way it displays images that has visual artists on the social network celebrating. In March, Twitter rolled out a lim

Facebook’s Oversight Board throws the company a Trump-shaped 2021-05-05 18:04:28Facebook’s controversial policy-setting supergroup issued its verdict on Trump’s fate Wednesday, and it wasn’t quite what most of us

Facebook launches Neighborhoods, a Nextdoor clone 2021-05-05 13:46:55Facebook is launching a new section of its app designed to connect neighbors and curate neighborhood-level news. The new feature, predictably called N

Twitter rolls out improved ‘reply prompts’ to cut 2021-05-05 13:30:24A year ago, Twitter began testing a feature that would prompt users to pause and reconsider before they replied to a tweet using “harmful”

Facebook’s hand-picked ‘oversight’ panel upholds Trump ban — 2021-05-05 09:09:35Facebook’s content decision review body, a quasi-external panel that’s been likened to a ‘Supreme Court of Facebook’ but isn&r

For Trump and Facebook, judgment day is around 2021-05-04 15:14:00Facebook unceremoniously confiscated Trump’s biggest social media megaphone months ago, but the former president might be poised to snatch it ba

Instagram adds a captions option for Stories and 2021-05-04 11:00:39Instagram is making its video Stories and Reels more accessible with the launch of a new “captions sticker” that will allow users to watch

Twitter acquires distraction-free reading service Scroll to beef 2021-05-04 09:23:01Twitter this morning announced it’s acquiring Scroll, a subscription service that offers readers a better way to read through long-form content


After update, only 4 percent of iOS users 2021-05-07 17:04:05Sorry, Facebook. Apple released iOS 14.5 to the public at the end of April, which included the ability to stop apps from tracking your activity for ad

Tesla messes with Model 3, Y pricing — 2021-05-07 16:01:44Not even two months since Tesla made price changes to its lineup of electric cars, the EV company has bumped up the prices for its two "cheapest" ca

Welp, 3D printed wood is a thing now 2021-05-07 13:51:53The manufacturing company Desktop Metal debuted a process called Forust for 3D printing wood using upcycled wood waste byproducts.  Read more...M

Umm, this AI tool can...smell for you — 2021-05-07 13:44:41Inspired by COVID-induced smell loss, a principal programmer at Microsoft created a fake nose that uses artificial intelligence to smell.  Read m

The 11 best tweets of the week, including 2021-05-07 13:31:07It's Friday, May 7, 2021 and no...that doesn't feel right? It's May 7?  I could've sworn it was March 2020. Maybe it is. Who knows? Anyway, i

Phunkeetree wireless chargers are unbeatably pretty, but otherwise 2021-05-07 13:14:27Personally, I don't really get the hype about wireless chargers. I'm perfectly fine plugging my phone into the cord, thank you very much.  But

Hear the hum of NASA's Mars helicopter as 2021-05-07 12:53:30 Read more... More about Nasa, Mars, Science, and Space

The cast of 'Jupiter's Legacy' chooses their ultimate 2021-05-07 12:46:34The Jupiter's Legacy stars go head-to-head drafting iconic superheroes onto their ultimate superhero squads. Read more...More about Netflix, Disney,

'Jupiter's Legacy' tells two stories and gets nowhere 2021-05-07 12:32:36 Read more... More about Netflix, Tv Review, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar: A maximalist watch 2021-05-07 12:19:27 Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar smartwatch $799.99 View Product The Good Built-in solar charging • Top-of-the-line activity tracking and map

Watch the 'Jupiter's Legacy' cast completely butcher the 2021-05-07 12:06:11The cast of Jupiter's Legacy helped us create a hilarious superhero story using random words that they came up with. Read more...More about Netflix,

Need a last-minute grad gift? This fancy Keurig 2021-05-07 11:46:13SAVE $50: Normally $169.99, the Keurig K-Elite coffee maker is on sale at Walmart for just $119.99 as of May 7 — that's a 29% savings. College



Junghans celebrates the 60th anniversary of its max 2021-05-07 07:15:53Six decades of Bahaus-inspired timekeeping.

Nepenthes NY teams up with Japanese eyewear brand 2021-05-07 04:31:40Each frame is manually-cut at Groover's factory in Yokohama.

Breitling launches the Super Chronomat B01 44 2021-05-06 17:45:23The company is calling it their boldest Chronomat yet.

Oakley's Kato performance sunglass is the brand's most 2021-05-06 16:40:51The unique frameless lens contours your face with a mask-like fit.

Yema debuts its collection for the French Navy 2021-05-06 06:29:40The watchmaker announces its official partnership with the Marine Nationale.

Brabus reveals its latest upgrade kit for the 2021-05-06 05:50:03The four-door performance sedan gets an upgrade to 800 hp.

Persol launches its latest collection of titanium eyewear 2021-05-05 20:06:35Each frame combines Italian design with Japanese craftsmanship.

adidas reveals their latest data-driven performance shoe, the 2021-05-05 19:48:10The new model is designed for running.

Ferrari unveils two new editions of the 812 2021-05-05 18:38:08Two new interpretations of the company's grand touring powerhouse.

Ford launches its adventure-ready Explorer Timberline 2021-05-05 17:37:36The new model is their most off-road-capable Explorer yet.

Gordon & Macphail launches the first whisky in 2021-05-05 05:00:11The first bottle is a 67-year-old whisky from the Glen Grant Distillery.

Porsche Tequipment launches a Performance roof box for 2021-05-05 04:30:59The box has been tested at speeds of up to 124 mph.

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10 Best Supplements for Men Who Work Out 2021-04-29 17:53:58Most men associate supplements with improved health. But supplements are just that—a means to supplement your diet. They aren’t going to m

Get a Free COVID-19 Vax and Beer With 2021-04-28 21:31:36Across the country, government officials are looking for innovative ways to encourage people to get COVID-19 vaccines. In Erie County, NY, home to Buf

PhenQ Review: Helps Decrease Fat & Promotes Lean 2021-04-28 16:57:58In our modern society, obesity is an increasingly large problem, and it is not easy to deal with, whether that be actually losing weight by exercising

Low Testosterone & Energy? Try These Natural Testosterone 2021-04-28 16:05:41Testosterone is produced in both males and females, but this hormone is mainly responsible for regulating many vital processes in men’s bodies.

CDC Relaxes Summer Guidelines for Fully Vaccinated 2021-04-28 02:37:02Typically, communications from the nation’s health protection agency have little effect on your barbecue plans. But this isn’t a typical s

Are Exercise Snacks the Next Big Thing for 2021-04-27 13:20:06If you feel like an overstuffed kielbasa in your clothes, it might not take a Herculean effort to get back on track. Exercise scientists at the Univer

Best Appetite Suppressants to Control Hunger [2021 Update] 2021-04-27 12:47:57A healthy and vigorous appetite is good to keep the body fed always. However, you might need to suppress your appetite because of different reasons. F

Mehcad Brooks on Eating 12,000 Calories a Day 2021-04-23 15:03:54Mehcad Brooks was already in the gym becoming the Earthrealm supersoldier Jax before he was even officially given the role in Warner Bros’ upcom

Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2021: Top 7 2021-04-23 14:09:26Sex is great for a relationship. This we all know by now because the media told us so. But there is more to it than that. 

The Cleanest Protein Powders You Can Buy 2021-04-20 20:24:15Protein shakes have become synonymous with post-workout gains. But if building muscle strictly hinged upon protein consumption, we’d all be sitt

Enter Now for a Chance to Compete in 2021-04-15 10:00:10Some races are known for their iconic scenery, while others are known for their especially challenging courses. The best kind combine both, and that&r

Greg Norman on the 2021 Masters, Overcoming Covid-19, 2021-04-08 16:12:23Both on the golf course and in the business world, Greg Norman lives up to his nickname––The Shark.


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Shay Mitchell Just Wants to Lay in Bed 2021-05-07 13:30:00Plus, the actress shares her best advice for new moms and how she navigates social media and motherhood.

The 15 Best Reusable Shower Caps To Preserve 2021-05-07 13:23:00The most underrated hair care investment.

After 100 Years, What Keeps The Chanel Fragrance 2021-05-05 13:00:00The most famous scent in the world has been around for a century and remains one of the most mysterious.

Everything You've Ever Wondered About Egg Freezing, Answered 2021-05-05 09:00:00I froze my eggs—twice. Here are my notes about cost, hormones, pain, and results.

30 Genius Beauty Hacks the Royals Use to 2021-05-05 08:51:00Meghan Markle has so many secrets from her acting days.

The Trendiest Hairstyle the Year You Were Born 2021-05-05 08:49:00From French pleat to beehive to bob.

The Best Royal Hairstyles Through the Years 2021-05-05 08:49:00See how royal hairstyles have evolved over the years—from loose curls in the 1920s to Markle's waves of 2019.

What Happens When a Perfumer Loses Their Sense 2021-05-04 13:43:00Fragrance experts know better than anyone just how devastating it can be to lose their most precious sense.

Natural Hair Experts Break Down The Perfect Wash 2021-05-04 11:55:00Spoiler: it requires a little more than just washing and going.

9 Best Collagen-Boosting Creams, According to Experts 2021-05-03 16:06:00And why the ingredient is essential to your routine.

Zara's Massive Makeup Brand Is Launching On May 2021-05-03 13:00:00Legendary makeup artist Diane Kendal teamed up with the fashion giant to create the 130+ products.

I Became A Model After Having My Colon 2021-05-03 09:00:00“Seeing my photo as an example of beauty changed how I saw myself.”


Digital Trends

Interview: Sennheiser CEO sees consumer audio sale as New! 2021-05-07 17:40:09Sennheiser has sold its consumer audio brand to hearing aid giant Sonova. What does this mean for Sennheiser, headphones, and hearables? We asked the

Best cheap OLED TV deals for May 2021: 2021-05-07 17:07:10Looking for OLED TV deals? We tracked down sales on must-have models from the likes of LG and Sony.

Best cheap 4K TV deals for May 2021 2021-05-07 17:07:09If you're looking to take your home viewing to the next level with a shiny new 4K TV, check out these deals.

Best cheap QLED TV deals for May 2021: 2021-05-07 16:59:47Looking for QLED TV deals? We tracked down sales on must-have models from the likes of Samsung and Vizio.

Best cheap Apple deals and sales for May 2021-05-07 16:58:38Apple fans know how fleeting deals can be, but we've rounded up some great Apple deals for you right here.

The best Walmart TV deals for May 2021: 2021-05-07 16:54:40Looking for Walmart TV deals? We tracked down sales on must-have 4K TVs, QLED TVs, and OLED TVs.

Best cheap projector deals for May 2021 2021-05-07 16:54:10Looking for an affordable projector for your home theater? Here are the best projector deals available now.

Best cheap wireless headphone deals for May 2021 2021-05-07 16:29:53If you're looking to snag a fantastic pair of headphones on the cheap, you've come to the right place.

Best cheap AirPods deals for May 2021: AirPods 2021-05-07 16:27:13Finding AirPods in a discount bin isn't as rare as you'd think — you just need to know where to look.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light: Where to find Xur 2021-05-07 16:22:52The weekly vendor in Destiny 2: Beyond Light offers some of the toughest loot to find, including exotic weapons and armor. Here's how to track down X

Best cheap 8K TV deals for May 2021 2021-05-07 16:08:27When nothing but the very best for your home theater setup will do, then there's an option even better than 4K TVs, and that's 8K TVs.

Best cheap Sony headphone deals for May 2021 2021-05-07 16:04:20If you're looking for a new pair of headphones, then Sony has a great reputation for making high-quality cans which sound great and are rugged and lo

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A free-to-play The Division game is on the 2021-05-06 17:05:49Ubisoft will release a new standalone, free-to-play game in its ongoing Tom Clancy Division series called The Division Heartland.

Can the Oversight Board force Facebook to follow 2021-05-06 16:37:41The Oversight Board is forcing Facebook to make the decision it wanted to avoid, but there are still questions about how much power it really has.

Twitter makes in-app tipping official with 'Tip Jar' 2021-05-06 16:14:42Twitter is enabling some users to add a “tip jar” to their profile so other users can pay them without leaving the app.

'Animal Crossing' and 'StarCraft' join the Video Game 2021-05-06 15:39:36After narrowing down a list of 12 finalists, The Strong National Museum of Play has inducted four new titles to its World Video Game Hall of Fame.

YouTube TV is now available on PlayStation 5 2021-05-06 14:47:32YouTube TV subscribers now have a new platform available: PlayStation 5.

Facebook adds new audio and inbox features to 2021-05-06 14:23:40Facebook is adding several new themes and features to Messenger and Instagram.

Amazon is turning hit sci-fi podcast 'From Now' 2021-05-06 13:53:14It's adapting 'From Now,' which stars Richard Madden and Brian Cox.

Google will require privacy data in Play Store 2021-05-06 13:34:22Google will soon require developers to provide more privacy and security information about their apps.

NBC is bringing some Olympic Games coverage to 2021-05-06 13:23:24A dedicated channel will stream daily highlight shows, athlete interviews and gaming competitions.

Google expands Broadcast and adds more family-friendly Assistant 2021-05-06 13:12:22It's expanding the Broadcast tool that was previously limited to its smart speakers and displays, as well as a set of new features for the Assistant.

NY AG report finds 18 million FCC net 2021-05-06 13:05:17It turns out there was far more fraud than previously thought during the FCC's flawed net neutrality commenting process.

TikTok works with Streamlabs' tipping and livestream tools 2021-05-06 12:50:06Streamlabs today confirmed that it's an early partner in the TikTok for Developers program, which mean TikTok users can go live using Streamlabs OBS


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College World Series, not NCAA home run record, New! 2021-05-07 18:24:50Arizona's Jessie Harper wouldn't mind breaking Lauren Chamberlain's all-time home run record, but her ultimate goal is to take the Wildcats back to

UFC Fight Night viewers guide: It's now or New! 2021-05-07 18:15:19Even though Saturday's fight against Waterson is at flyweight because of short notice, Rodriguez has an opportunity to make noise at strawweight.

Zion out indefinitely; Pels blame league for injury New! 2021-05-07 18:14:46David Griffin called Zion Williamson's injury was "avoidable," saying his franchise superstar was injured because of the way he is officiated in th

Rory reaches weekend for 1st time in 2 New! 2021-05-07 18:14:46Rory McIlroy, who has dropped to 15th in the world ranking, shot a 5-under-par 66 at the Wells Fargo Championship to reach weekend play of a tournamen

Police: Texas LB Ehlinger found dead off campus New! 2021-05-07 18:14:46Texas LB Jake Ehlinger, the younger brother of former Longhorns quarterback Sam Ehlinger, was found dead Thursday, according to Austin, Texas, police.

Benoit pulled from UFC card after shaky weigh-in New! 2021-05-07 18:14:45The UFC has removed Ryan Benoit from this weekend's Fight Night card after he failed to make weight and appeared severely dehydrated on the scales.

Caps' Wilson talked to Panarin, wants to move New! 2021-05-07 18:14:45Tom Wilson reached out to Artemi Panarin in the aftermath of the most talked-about incident in hockey this week and says he is ready to move on from h

Eagles claim former Lions RB Johnson off waivers New! 2021-05-07 18:14:45Running back Kerryon Johnson, a former second-round pick of the Lions who rushed for 1,225 yards over three seasons, has been claimed off waivers by t

City manager? Bobby V in hometown mayor race New! 2021-05-07 18:14:45Bobby Valentine, who served as manager of the Rangers, Mets and Red Sox in addition to winning a Japan Series title and serving as AD at Sacred Heart

Source: Bills GM hears from NFL on vaccine New! 2021-05-07 18:14:45Bills GM Brandon Beane was reminded by the NFL that a team may not release a player solely due to vaccination status after his comments made during a

The people (and things) we're rooting for in New! 2021-05-07 18:14:10From Joe Thornton to Rod Brind'Amour to Bill Foley to Nassau Coliseum, here's who (and what) makes the list for 2021.

NHL Playoff Watch Daily: West Division showdowns on New! 2021-05-07 18:14:10All eight West teams are in action, as the Kings try to keep their hopes alive and the Blues hope to clinch.

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Iheanacho: Leicester City star closes in on Crotone’s New! 2021-05-07 18:08:36The striker has found the back of the net 10 times in the English top-flight since March, the most from any player in the division over this period

Klopp explains Firmino's struggles and backs Liverpool star New! 2021-05-07 17:30:29The Reds boss insists the Brazilian is not in decline despite a campaign in which he has managed only six goals from 43 appearances

Klopp insists Oxlade-Chamberlain still has Liverpool future - New! 2021-05-07 17:30:13The England international has only started two games for the Reds this season, but Klopp says that is down to the team's defensive issues

Tuchel: De Bruyne needed to leave Chelsea to New! 2021-05-07 17:30:00The Blues duo have had a turbulent season but are beginning to show signs that they can enter a good period of form

Iheanacho scores again, Ndidi in action as Leicester New! 2021-05-07 17:21:14The Nigeria internationals were on parade as the Foxes’ unbeaten run was halted by the Magpies at King Power Stadium

Gulacsi signs new RB Leipzig deal until 2025 2021-05-07 16:52:02The former Liverpool player has committed to a new deal with the Bundesliga side despite speculation about a move to Spurs or Borussia Dortmund

2022 World Cup qualifiers: Ghana wary of South 2021-05-07 16:00:19The Belgian's appointment as Bafana Bafana coach has been seen as a statement of intent

Mahrez: Manchester City want to win Premier League 2021-05-07 15:45:18The Algeria international has revealed the Citizens' target when they take on the Blues at the Etihad Stadium

De Bruyne explains how analytics influenced his decision 2021-05-07 15:44:26The attacking midfielder took a look at the structure and direction of the team before he committed to a new deal

URA FC floor Onduparaka FC to move four 2021-05-07 14:47:50The Tax Collectors recovered from their domestic cup exit to beat the Caterpillars and stretch their lead at the top

LIVE: Leicester vs Newcastle 2021-05-07 14:35:00Stay right up to date with Goal's live commentary coverage of the biggest games from around the globe

TTM vs Chippa United: Five players who could 2021-05-07 14:27:43Vhadau Vha Damani are set to take on the Chilli Boys at the 2010 Fifa World Cup venue, Free State Stadium, on Saturday


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Libra Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Too much worry and stress could ruin your health. You should avoid confusion and frustration to maintain mental clarity. You will make

Aquarius Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Today you will have ample of the time to do things to improve your health and looks Perfect day to purchase items that would grow in v

Taurus Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Lots will depend on your shoulders and clarity of mind will be important for you to take decisions. If you are married, then take spec

Sagittarius Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Sheer pleasure and enjoyment for those venturing out to have fun. You can become capable of earning money with anyone's help. All you

Gemini Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Pessimistic attitude should be avoided because it will not only minimise your chances but will also disturb the harmony of body as wel

Aries Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Sheer pleasure and enjoyment for those venturing out to have fun. Investment concerning your residence will be profitable. Health of

Cancer Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Your sense of humour would help someone to encourage himself to develop this skill as you make him understand that happiness does not

Scorpio Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Health related problems might cause discomfort. You do not understand the importance of money in life, but today, you'll realize its

Leo Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, A day when you will be able to relax. Massage your body with oil to give relief to your muscles. Improvement in finances will make it

Capricorn Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Take the support of family members to relieve from your tension. Accept their help gracefully. You must not bottle up feelings and pre

Virgo Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Ruffle of temper could lead to a argument and confrontation. Financial hassles seem to get over as your parents extend support. Domes

Pisces Horoscope 8 May 2021 New! 2021-05-07 23:26:26AstroSage.com, Keep your poise as you are likely to confront some difficulties otherwise-it may put you in some serious trouble. Especially control y


Daily Horoscope for Libra - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Advanced Compatibility ReportOur best compatibility report and it deals specifically with romantic relationships between two peopl

Daily Horoscope for Aquarius - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Your Birth ChartIt's a brief but very complete 8-10 page report and covers all aspects with clear, easy to understand English aim

Daily Horoscope for Taurus - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Numerology ReportThese readings are composed for you personally, and each is based on your full name at birth, your date of birth,

Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Psyche and Eros Compatibility ReportWe have many whom are just entering, or contemplating, entering a relationship request a readi

Daily Horoscope for Gemini - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Life Path ReportThe Life Path Report offers a unique blending of the psychological, spiritual, and material plane potentials found

Daily Horoscope for Aries - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Psyche and Eros Compatibility ReportWe have many whom are just entering, or contemplating, entering a relationship request a readi

Daily Horoscope for Cancer - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Your Relationship Potential Report The Psyche and Eros Relationship Potential Report describes the emotional needs, temperament, h

Daily Horoscope for Scorpio - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Body & Soul ReportMedical Astrology is a fascinating, timeless subject of antiquity that has unfortunately lost its value in t

Daily Horoscope for Leo - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - The Lunar Monthly Fitness & Lifestyle Report This Lunar Monthly Fitness and Lifestyle Guide is designed for today's busy pers

Daily Horoscope for Capricorn - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - (Re)Location Report Considering move to a new locality? It's not limited to relocations though, use the report to learn about you

Daily Horoscope for Virgo - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - The Lunar Monthly Fitness & Lifestyle Report This Lunar Monthly Fitness and Lifestyle Guide is designed for today's busy pers

Daily Horoscope for Pisces - 23rd April 2021 2021-04-23 00:00:00 AstrologySource - Body & Soul ReportMedical Astrology is a fascinating, timeless subject of antiquity that has unfortunately lost its value in t

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